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Alberta Pure

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Jackson Triggs
1.5L & 750ml


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Cab Sauv 1.5L - $16.22
Chard 1.5L - $16.22
Sauv Blanc 750ml - $10.13
Merlot 750ml - $10.13


Cabernet  Sauv -  Medium ruby colour; aromas of red cherry, earth, cracked pepper and toasted oak; on the palate it is dry and medium bodied with flavours of bright red fruit, earth and vanilla with dusty, dry tannins.
Chardonnay - dry and full-bodied with fragrant aromas of ripe apples and pears. A hint of oak and butter combine for a lingering, complex finish. 
Sauv Blanc - Pale straw colour with a lively nose of gooseberry and lemon; fruit character is replayed on the palate; crisp and dry, with light / medium body.
Merlot -  smooth, medium-full bodied, rich and robust. Flavours can range from strawberry and cherry to black currant and plum topped with sweet baking spices, mint, leather and smoke. Its smoothness lends it to be used for blending as well.

Jackson-Triggs is a Canadian
winery with vineyards in the
 Okanagan Valley, British Columbia and the Niagara Peninsula, Ontario



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Smooth Red - Medium ruby in colour; aromas of sweet black cherry, strawberry and candied fruit; off-dry with the same flavours as detected on the nose.
Smooth White - has tropical fruit aromas, as well as citrus and peach. On the palate, it's a little sweet from the Riesling and Moscato and the crisp citrus notes are there from the Pinot Grigio.
Winery Note***Bodacious Winery is a small family winery in the heart of the Fair Play Viticulture area El Dorado County, California. Forty Five acres was found in the spring of 2004 and what was previously a mass of tree’s and brush is now gently flowing hills with 11 acres of grapes.****

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Derived from over 56 herbs, roots and fruits from all over the world, including cinnamon from Ceylon, bitter oranges from Australia, ginger root from South Asia, red sandalwood from East India and blueberries from Europe. Those are just some of the fine ingredients found in Jagermeister that make it a distinctively flavored herbal liqueur that is best served very cold.

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