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Liquor Specials

Crown Royal Salted Caramel 750ml $29.49
Finlandia 750ml $25.39
Jagermeister 1.14L $50.79
Baileys 750ml $29.96
El Jimador Reposado 750ml $38.98
El Jimador Blanco 750ml $36.72
Rumchata Cream 750ml $35.35
Rumchata Peppermint 750ml $36.78
Rumchata Limon 750ml $36.44
Fireball 1.75L $47.56
Fireball 750ml $24.83
Stoli 750ml $28.46
Stoli 1.14L $41.18
Gibsons Sterling 1.75L $61.87
Gibsons Bold 750ml $37.70
Romeo Gin 750ml $37.60
Malibu 750ml $25.72
Malibu 1.14L $37.15
Absolut $27.95

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“There is no bad whiskey. There are only some whiskeys that aren’t as good as others.” – Raymond Chandler

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Beer Specials

Budweiser 6ar $12.45
Budweiser 8ar $14.89
Budweiser 24ar $43.99
Canadian 8ar $15.69
Canadian 15ar $28.75
Canadian 6ar $12.45
blue Moon 12ar $34.07
Kokanee 6ar $12.45
Kokanee 8ar $15.99
Moosehead Chelada 12ar $25.32
Moosehead Neon Raddler 12ar $26.76
Stanley Park Hoppy Trails 12pk Mixer $27.68
Stanley park Fruitstand 12pk Mixer $29.22
Heineken 6pb $16.26
Heineken 6ar $16.26

 (All Below Gov't Store Pricing) 


Famous Funny Quotes
“Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” —Benjamin Franklin

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Sawmill Chardonnay 4L $41.47
Sawmill Dry White 4L $38.39
Jackson Triggs Cabernet Sauvingnon 4L $43.26
Jackson Triggs Merlot 4L $42.29
Jackson Triggs Sauvingnon Blanc 4L $42.99
Jackson Triggs Pinot Grigio 1.5L $18.95
Jackson Triggs Merlot 1.5L $18.95
Jackson Triggs Cabernet Sauvingnon 1.5L $18.95
Bask Pinot Noir 3L $37.00
Back Pinot Noir 750ml $12.94
Bask Cabernet Sauvingnon 750ml$ 12.53
Peller Rose 1.5L $16.89
Peller Cabernet Sauvingnon 1.5L $16.89
Copper Moon Pinot Grigio 1.5L $17.97
Copper Moon Cabernet Sauvingnon 4L $37.89
Jacobs Creek Moscato 750ml $12.90
Yellow Tail Cabernet Sauvingnon 750ml $13.96
Mcguigan Black Red 750ml $10.39
Mcguigan Black Pinot Grigio 750ml $10.39
Henkell Rose 750ml $17.06
Mionetto 750ml $21.00

Barefoot Fruitscato Peach 750ml $10.34
Barefoot Fruitscato Strawberry 750ml $10.34
Barefood Fruitscato Watermelon 750ml $10.34
19 Crimes Cali Gold Sparkling $29.17
Vivo Sauvingnon Blanc 750ml $10.19
Mionetto Rose Prosecco 750ml $21.84
Blue Nun 24K gold Sparkling 750ml $21.37
Pasqua 11 Minutes 750ml $23.14
Yellowtail Rose 750ml $13.54
Apothic Merlot 750ml $18.84
On Point Red 750ml $10.14
Coppermoon Rose 750ml$10.26

(All Below Gov't Store Pricing) 

Famous Funny Quotes
 “Wine is the most healthful and most hygienic of beverages.” —Louis Pasteur

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Cooler & Selter
Specials plus Givewaya

Twisted Tea Party Pack 12ar $25.46
Palmbay 12pk mixer $28.45
Nutrl Pineapple 6pk $14.89
Ranch Rita Margarita 4pk $13.89
Simply Lemonade 12pk Mixer $28.45
Hey Y'all Porch Pack 12pk $24.75
Mott Clamato Variety 12 pk $36.33
Mikes Hard Variety 12Pack $30.04
Jack Daniels Watermelon Punch 6pk $14.42
Jack Daniels Fruit Punch 6pk $14.16

 (Below Gov't Store Pricing)





Famous Funny Quotes
“I don't have a drinking problem, 'cept when I can't get a drink." —Tom Waits

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